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"With thoughtfully produced readers designed for building confidence in children just starting to read, this series offers an intuitive text-illustration relationship that ensures the books practically read themselves. The text is predictable and thus, manageable, and the stories are short and exceptionally appealing." -- Discoverschool.com
"Evelyn and I delighted in her readng -- she didn't stop until she had read all 12 books . . . and she keeps going back to read them again! Evelyn best summed up her success when she emphatically announced, 'I'm a GOOD READER! I'm a SUPERSTAR!' Many thanks!" -- Jennifer Dubost, Belmont, Massachusetts
"Each inexpensive pack contains four paperback books that are actual... page turners! The brevity of the eight-page books offer new readers a sense of accomplishment and success, plus the back page of each book offers helpful hints to parents helping their children along. I find this series consistently cheerful and frankly funny. MONKEY TROUBLE is a favorite." -- Esme Raji Codell, author of EDUCATING ESME
"Engaging, playful, and educationally sound, Brand New Readers challenge the beginning reader without frustrating, entertain without condescending and educate without boring. As a parent and a bookseller, I am very excited to see Candlewick represented on the beginning reader shelf with a series that combines solid whole language components with a wholesome measure of silliness. Delightful in every way!" -- Audrey Seitz, Joseph-Beth Booksellers
"For as long as I have worked in libraries, I have tried to help parents find books which would help them help their children learn to read. Finally we have a series that speaks directly to parents, gives them the help they need to get their young children started, is attractively designed and well written, and will be a pleasure for children as well." -- Barbara Barstow, Children's Services Manager, Cuyahoga County Public Library, co author, BEYOND PICTURE BOOKS: A GUIDE TO FIRST READERS
"Early readers will find success in reading these independently." -- School Library Journal (about the MONKEY books)
"Just the right size for small hands and the stories are humorous as well as sequential....Popular additions to the easy-reader shelves." -- School Library Journal (about the WINNIE books)
"My granddaughter, Audrey Sunshine, an emergent reader age five, picked these books up and read them three times through, by herself, laughing at the end of the story each time. They're wonderful -- and they work!" -- Linda Ayer Ives, teacher educator, Burlington, VT
"This is a fun new series with much better illustrations than the average first reader." -- Anne Whalen, Brookline/Wellesley Booksmith
"I LOVE my new books!" -- Lydia Staschke, age 5
"The characters are endearing, the predictable text is clever with fun endings, the pictures match the text perfectly. This is good reading -- the Harry Potter for beginning readers! Brilliant!" -- Eileen Pryor, 1st grade teacher, Agoura Hills, CA.
"I can read these -- they're funny and cool." -- Marin Gang, age 5 1/2
"Each book in the series is a mere eight lines long, with colorful and helpful illustrations that aid new readers in the struggle to decipher what each of those eight lines says. The books, even with a strictly limited vocabulary, have a gentle sense of humor." -- Home Education Magazine
"A gold mine for parents seeking material that promises success for children in the early stages of literacy--these volumes provide the kind of guidance adults need to make that happen for their kids. They also provide engaging, fun stories, illustrated in a friendly, welcoming fashion." -- TipWorld.com
"I just got the perfect thing I need for my class next year . . . the new Brand New Readers from Candlewick Press. They're great! When I gave the books to my kindergarten class, the kids said things like 'Hey, I can read this book myself!' or 'I know how to read this book!' They really felt like readers. They frequently chose the books to read on their own and to check out from our class library. Our reading tutor also used the books during tutoring sessions. I especially love the guidelines for parents in the front of the books. They are simple, clear, and accurate. Brand New Readers will be in my students' homework bags next year." -- Margo Lillig, kindergarten and first-grade teacher
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