Make reading a success the very first time!
Every child can read Brand New Readers.

When children are ready to read, what book should they read? How do you choose a book that will best introduce children to the joys of reading and give them the confidence that they can read?

Brand New Readers work! Children ages 4-7 can read the books in this exciting new series immediately and enjoyably -- even the first time through -- and early success helps children become good readers.

  • Based on what experts know about how children learn to read, Brand New Readers -- published by Candlewick Press -- are short, funny stories with words and pictures that help children reading for the first time succeed--and have fun!
  • Every book includes advice to help you guide and support brand-new readers!
  • 4 high-quality paperback books in a case -- just $5.99!

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“The Brand New Readers® series is one of the best out there to motivate new readers.”
— Lucy Calkins, author of The Art of Teaching Reading and Professor of English Education, Teacher's College, Columbia University

“The simple, funny stories in this book series have words and pictures that help children succeed at reading — even the very first time. Every book includes advice to help you guide and support new readers.”
— Learning Magazine

Guided Reading Level

Brand New Readers range in level from A-E. Click here for more information.

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